Brevard Solar

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Brevard Solar shocked its customers when it shut the doors of it’s Titusville, Florida business on January 27, 2020, without warning. Brevard Solar had been providing solar installation services to customers in Brevard County for many years and had taken deposits from multiple customers who were expecting them to finish their job. Unfortunately, Brevard Solar closed its doors without completing these jobs or refunding deposits, leaving many people out of pocket with unfinished projects. The abrupt closure of Brevard Solar has caused considerable distress and financial hardship to Brevard County residents. Those affected are urged to contact an attorney or visit the Brevard County Small Claims Court for assistance in obtaining a return of any prepaid monies.

It is unclear why they suddenly ceased operations. Brevard Solar had been a reliable fixture in Brevard County for many years, and their sudden closure is both concerning and deeply disappointing to their customers. Their abrupt departure serves as an important reminder to stay vigilant in monitoring the progress of any work being done on your behalf so that you can take prompt action if something doesn’t seem right. Brevard Solar may have left Brevard County without warning, but people shouldn’t have to suffer from their bad behavior.

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To this day, Brevard Solar customers are suffering considerable hardship, and their sudden departure is a reminder to be aware of the risks associated with entering into business agreements. It is important to thoroughly research any companies before agreeing to anything and to stay vigilant in monitoring progress on your behalf. This will help ensure that people are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses like Brevard Solar in the future.