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Solar Panel Remove and Reinstall in Tampa Bay

Are you getting a NEW roof or in need of a roof repair that will result in a need to have your solar panels expertly removed and reinstalled after work has been completed? Then look no further than Solar22!

At Solar22, we are meticulous and treat each R&R with the same attention to detail as a new install.  In most cases, systems are left in better condition than before being removed and reinstalled.

Getting a new roof is an investment in your home, just like your solar system. Protect both investments by hiring the right contractor to do the job and do it right. Not all R&R services are created equal. This is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. Through experience, we know it is imperative to conduct a thorough diagnostic health check of your system prior to removal. This assessment takes approximately 1 hour and involves opening all electric panels, climbing in the attic to check conduit, and walking the roof.  By doing the assessment we can document the correct number of parts needed, check for code violations, make a safety plan, and determine the best way to connect your array to internet monitoring if not already in place.

The process of removing and reinstalling your solar panels, typically, takes one day each. The panels are neatly stored in your garage or a safe location. Once your roofing company is finished with the work, we will coordinate a convenient time to reinstall your solar energy system. Our services include re-engineering, permit and inspection for optimal solar production, one-year parts and labor warranty, an owner’s manual and 3 free months of “active” remote monitoring to confirm the system function and production.

Our installation professionals can work directly with you, your contractor, and/or your insurance provider to ensure a seamless project within budget. As an added benefit, we can connect your solar power system to a monitoring system that will allows you to monitor performance at the panel level. We reinstall on all types of roofs including shingle, tile and metal.

This is a summary of what you can expect from a Solar22 Solar Panel Remove & Reinstallation project:

System Inspection

  • Ensure all system components are 100% functional
  • Identify any malfunctioning components
  • Determine if the component(s) is/are covered under warranty
  • Confirm (or initiate – for a fee) system monitoring

Panel Pre-Removal

  • If malfunctioning components are present, interface with manufacturer to process warranty claim
  • Order, and have on hand, replacement components before reinstallation
  • Processing warranty claim, ordering replacement parts and installation of the same is billed at normal hourly rate
  • Drone pictures of currently installed array.

Step-by-step Panel Removal process

  • Disconnect solar panel system from electrical panel
  • Remove the solar panels
  • Remove the mounting rails
  • Remove the rail mounting feet
  • Remove all panel wiring on roof
  • Careful not to damage the optimisers or inverters
  • Safely and securely store the solar equipment until when the roof is complete.

Step-by-step Reinstallation process

  • Reinstallation is almost exactly like a new installation
  • Install rail mounting feet
  • Install mounting rail
  • Install old (or new) panel wiring on roof
  • Install optimisers or inverters on panel rails
  • Record serial numbers of all optimisers or inverters
  • Record roof map with exact location of each optimizer or inverter is located
  • Reinstall panels on mounting rails
  • Rewire as necessary
  • Reconnect solar system to electrical panel
  • Establish communication with panel manufacturer to record power produced by each panel
  • Drone pictures of reinstalled array


  • Monitoring – Three months Active Monitoring included with Remove & Reinstall Service.
  • Model array – To determine expected monthly power production.
  • Instructions – How to turn system on and off
  • Instructions – How to access monitoring site and login process
  • Prepare One laminated page containing the following:

               – Breakdown of equipment (Solar panels, optimisers, and/or inverters)
               – Panel/optimizer/inverter Wattage (model)
               – Manu
               – Manufactured Date
               – Warranty details
               – URL for any future warranty claims

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