Solar Energy Service Plans

Basic Monitoring starting at just $99/yr


Once your solar panels are installed and your system is producing energy, Solar22 is here to support you in your journey toward a brighter, sustainable future.


Our three distinct Solar Energy Service Plans are designed to fit a range of needs.


We understand the importance of proper maintenance and monitoring for solar panels to operate efficiently and provide the best return on investment. That’s why we offer a range of service plans, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our valued customers. Trust Solar22 to take care of your solar energy system, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind.

The Total Package

Our Top Solar Service Plan

Our best plan, Connect PREMIUM, is perfect for big solar setups or business properties. It makes sure your solar system works great and gives you the most power.

What’s included w/ Connect PREMIUM?

  • 24/7 Active Monitoring: We keep an eye on your solar energy production 24/7. If something’s not right, you’ll know as soon as we do.
  • First-in-Line Service: You’re always first in line.  If you need us, we’ll be there sooner. You get fast service so your solar energy system continues running smoothly.
  • 20% Labor Discount: You will receive 20% off on any work we do on your system. You get great service with a big discount.
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reports: We’ll tell you how much power your system is making and will compare that to a model of how much power your system should be making. No guesswork or estimates.
  • Annual Physical Inspection: We include (1) onsite visit annually to physically inspect your solar panels and wiring, ensuring your panels are secured and all wiring is intact.

Why Choose Connect PREMIUM?

The Connect PREMIUM Solar Energy Service Plan is a preventative maintenace plan that ensures your energy system is making all that it can. You’ll know your solar array is working hard and saving you money.

Basic + Reporting

We keep you informed

Our mid-tier plan, Connect PLUS, includes advanced system monitoring, priority maintenance scheduling, and enhanced communication features. This plan is designed for those who want more interactive and detailed insight into their solar system’s performance.

The Connect PLUS service plan by Solar22 offers a comprehensive approach to residential solar array management, tailored for homeowners who value consistent oversight and informed maintenance. Central to the plan is the assurance of 24/7 monitoring, a vigilant system that continuously observes the performance of your solar array, pinpointing any discrepancies that could affect output or efficiency. 24/7 monitoring is coupled with the convenience of priority maintenance scheduling, ensuring that any service needs are promptly addressed, thereby reducing system downtime and maintaining energy production continuity.

Financial benefits include a 10% discount in labor fees for all future servicing, reflecting a cost-effective strategy for long-term system care. In terms of reporting, Solar22 understands the importance of timely and accurate data. Subscribers receive monthly reports, delivered reliably by the 7th of each subsequent month, which encapsulate the array’s performance metrics and energy production statistics. These reports are not only a record of system health but also a tool for homeowners to optimize their energy usage strategies. Additionally, the service includes immediate notifications for critical system errors, ensuring that any urgent issues are communicated without delay for swift resolution.

Connect PLUS is a strategic choice for homeowners who seek a balance of proactive system management and economic efficiency in their solar energy solutions.

Just the Basics

24/7 Monitoring

An entry-level plan offering standard monitoring and basic system checks. Ideal for homeowners who want to ensure their solar system is functioning properly with alerts when there is an eminent failure or critical issue.

The Connect BASIC plan from Solar22 is crafted for every homeowner, providing essential oversight of their residential solar energy systems. This plan integrates a fundamental monitoring service that ensures immediate identification and notification of critical system errors, allowing for swift action to rectify any issues that may arise. The focus is on maintaining system integrity and performance through proactive alerts that keep homeowners informed of their system’s status in real time.

In addition to vigilant system surveillance, the Connect BASIC plan offers a financial advantage with a 10% discount on labor fees for all future servicing needs. This discount is an acknowledgment of the long-term relationship Solar22 aims to build with its customers, recognizing the importance of affordable maintenance in the lifecycle of any solar energy system. Furthermore, the plan includes priority maintenance scheduling, which streamlines the process of service and repair, ensuring that customers experience minimal disruption to their solar energy supply. Connect BASIC is an efficient, straightforward service option for those who value simplicity and reliability in the management of their solar energy assets.

Solar Support Services

Each of our Solar Energy System Support & Maintenance Plans offer a range of services and amenities to meet the needs of most of our customers.  Below is a list of services with the plans that include them.

image of solar system monitoring

24/7 Active Monitoring

Included in every Solar22 Solar Energy Service Plan, 24/7 Active Monitoring is the act of monitoring your solar array for potential problems and notifying you of anything critical.

Included in our Connect BASIC plan:

Priority Support + 10% Discount on Labor: Connect BASIC customers receive priority support and a 10% discount of any labor charges, to minimize downtime.

Monthly Activity Report

A Standard monthly report is included in our Connect PLUS plans, generated and emailed by the 7th of each month. A more detailed Comprehensive report is included in our Connect PREMIUM plans. 

Monthly Activity Reports are sent out each month and scanned for critical or intermediate events before they go out. You’ll know exactly what kind of energy output your system is producing, month after month.

monthly solar report
image of Solar critical error notification

Critical Error Notifications

Solar22’s service plans feature Critical Error Notifications to promptly alert homeowners of any significant issues with their solar arrays.

This efficient alert system is crucial for quick issue resolution, ensuring consistent operation and energy production, and safeguarding your solar investment against extended downtime.

Annual System Inspection

The Annual (physical) Solar Energy System Inspection by Solar22 is a detailed check-up performed on your solar panels and related equipment. Included in our Connect PREMIUM plan, we take a detailed look at each individual panel, look for damage and make sure they’re properly attached to their mounts. Our team also inspects the electrical wiring to ensure everything is connected securely.

Our goal is to keep your solar system running smoothly and safely.

Annual Solar System Inspection
Solar Array Mapping

Solar Array Mapping

Mapping refers to the process of documenting the precise locations of solar panels on a roof and their corresponding inverters. This involves creating a detailed diagram or layout that shows where each panel is situated, how they are oriented, and which inverter is attached to it.

Mapping your solar array is important for Maintenance and Repair, System Expansion, Monitoring System Performance, and Emergency Services.

Having a map of the solar system helps emergency responders identify the components of the solar system to safely navigate and manage the situation.

Solar Array Mapping is an add-on service that only needs to be performed ONE time.  The standard fee for this service is $499.

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