Free solar? What does that really mean?

It’s not uncommon today to see solar companies offering “free solar“, but what part of solar is actually free?

The term FREE SOLAR is actually referring to a few things:

Energy produced by the sun is free, since the use of it cannot be regulated. However, the tools needed to harness the sun’s energy are not free… or are they?

When you compare the cost of using electricity provided by the “the grid” (aka your local electric company), solar panels can save you hundreds of dollars each month by completely eliminating your dependence on them. Now, the solar panels and installation have a cost, but when you finance those costs, your total monthly spend on electricity is reduced, saving you money every month on your electricity costs, and eventually eliminating your costs entirely, once the solar panels are paid off.

So, free solar is accurate because solar energy is free, but there is a finite cost to harnessing that energy. Once that finite cost has been paid, then you’ll truly be living that FREE SOLAR life!