Solar Energy for Commercial Building Owners & Landlords

image of Solar tax benefits from the Clean Energy Credit

With an increasing demand for green energy, solar energy presents itself as a highly valuable opportunity for commercial building owners and landlords. Leveraging solar energy’s myriad benefits, building owners are experiencing a significant return on their investments while playing a vital role in reducing carbon emissions.

Solar installations provide commercial building owners with an enticing incentive – a 30-40% solar tax credit offered by the Federal Government. The financial benefits do not end there. Thanks to recent legislation, commercial property owners can depreciate 100% of the installation on their 2023 taxes. These incentives make an already valuable investment even more attractive.

Solar Energy Increases Commercial Building Property Values

Aside from the lucrative tax benefits, solar energy can significantly increase commercial property values. According to a report by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), commercial properties with solar installations enjoy a premium over similar properties without. The installation of solar panels leads to an increase in the overall value of the property, making it a wise investment for those looking to future-proof their portfolios.

Commercial building owners can expect to see a higher sale price per square foot with a solar installation compared to those without. This results in an improved capitalization rate, or “cap rate”, a key performance metric in commercial real estate that directly impacts the property’s market value.

Enhancing the Net Operating Income

A particularly advantageous aspect of solar installations is the positive impact on the Net Operating Income (NOI), a critical metric for rental properties. NOI is the yearly revenue generated by a property minus the necessary operating costs. With solar installations, landlords can provide electricity as part of the rent, offering an attractive amenity to potential tenants. This inclusion typically allows landlords to charge higher rent, thereby increasing the NOI.

Moreover, solar power reduces the operating costs associated with conventional energy sources. This reduction in expenditure further elevates the NOI. Given that property values in commercial real estate are typically determined by NOI, this increase directly translates to higher property values.

A Sustainable Future

By investing in solar energy, commercial building owners and landlords not only reap significant financial benefits but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. Buildings account for a significant portion of total US energy consumption. Implementing solar energy solutions reduces this footprint, helping combat climate change while portraying a positive, environmentally-conscious image for the business.

In conclusion, solar energy offers substantial financial benefits to commercial building owners and landlords. From government incentives like tax credits and depreciation to increased property values and enhanced NOI, solar energy is a smart investment. Furthermore, it presents an opportunity for businesses to lead in the transition towards sustainable practices, attracting eco-conscious tenants and clients. Investing in solar energy is not merely an exercise in sustainability – it’s a strategic business decision.